Have you looked at your seats, carpets and floor mats lately? It can be surprising how fast they show the dirt…

Its Monday, I’m late, and I just spilled my coffee all over inside my car…

Your car is a perfect petri dish for rapid growth of stuff we’d rather not know about. The mold and bacteria that is really behind the odor from that spilled drink is only masked by fragrant cleaners and the stains always come back!

At Finn, we have been extremely fortunate to be the test grounds for revolutionary new disinfectant cleaners thanks to a developmental partnership with a local corporation. Not only are we impressed by how well these chems clean, they also meet our environmental standards as they are biodegradable and made from environmentally friendly ingredients.

To top it all off, we use equipment that leaves your seats dry instead of the sopping mess that can take more than a day to dry out giving all of those bugs and fungi ample time to grow back!

See the before and after! Half of this seat was treated first to show the contrast. Nasty!
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