Many of you have been to our service counter and felt the compulsion to pick up our Napa logo magic 8 ball to get a sample of its fortune and wisdom. Unfortunately, much like its cousin (Mr. fortune cookie) it lacks a bit in the area of accurate fortune telling. However, as promotional swag, it is likely to tell you an interesting fact about your shocks and struts.

During the months of September and October, Napa will be offering a great discount and campaign around some of the best name brands in shocks and struts. Did you know that the average lifespan of your shocks/struts is between 50,000 and 75,000 miles? If your in or past that range, you may be inclined to save money and just accept the reduced ride quality but before you’re convinced the “sauce aint worth the scratch”, you should know that your shocks/struts are one of the largest factors in safe braking and stopping distance in general. We’ve all felt the rumble of washboards on a dirt road, heck, even I270 westbound tries to toss my rear end around even at ten miles under the limit! Well, shocks and struts contribute to the stability of your ride and help to prevent the spin outs and frightening ditch dives that can be the result of our upcoming weather change.

Be proactive and stop in for an inspection.

About the campaign…

(On the Radio)
Listen for more information about the offer on the Bob & Tom show
Sirius & XM’s NFL Radio will be highlighting the deal

(Baseball Fans)
Catch details durring game-breaks on CBS Sports

(Online) always has relevant Napa articles and will feature the offer

Look out for the promotional paint schemes on the number 56 Toyota car driven by Martin Truex Jr in the NASCAR sprint cup series
The Dodge Charger funny car driven by Ron Capps in the NHRA Full Throttle series will also be sporting the deal

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