• Maintenance

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

    Oil Changes
    We use quality products and fluids in even our lowest grade oil change. We look up the manufacturer’s written specification and use the proper grade of oil and fluids. Every oil change includes a comprehensive…
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  • Save On Fuel

    Conserve and Save

    Gas Mileage

    Few things have as much uncontrollable impact on our pocketbook as the mere price of petroleum. News of ruptured pipelines, international conflict, natural disasters are just a few of the daily headlines that impact the price at the pump. Yet the miles of our commute tend to remain constant regardless. We CAN help you be sure you are getting there in a vehicle that is burning fuel as efficient as possible.

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  • Diagnostics

    Starts but runs funny

    Diagnostics help to locate a variety of common problems in your car that can cause warning lights to come on, poor performance, hesitation, and misfires. The mechanics at Finn Moto employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to quickly find these problems before the have the chance to become more serious.

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  • Brakes

    No squeals about safety

    Receive the finest bumper-to-bumper service with top-quality products at the most competitive prices from Finn Moto. Your car will benefit from our all-inclusive brake services, including maintenance and repair of brake hydraulics, anti-lock brake systems, traction control, disc, and drum brake systems

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  • Steering & Suspension

    Press us for answers on Steering and Suspension

    One of the most integral pieces of heavy equipment needed for expert steering and suspension service is a good hydraulic press. A difficult to operate and potentially dangerous piece of equipment, the heavy duty hydraulic press is being excluded more and more from shops that struggle to staff up beyond amateur level. Why? Its because the potential to damage parts, damage the press, and even injure or kill a technician from improper use is a major factor. Fighting with run-of-the-mill semi-professional equipment found in other shops spikes the odds of part distortion, galling, and other improper results. We have invested in the best-in-class of presses and have various models with adapters and fixtures to handle any job. Light, medium, and heavy duty jobs are done with perfect balance of pressing force and alignment at Finn Moto.

    Word eventually got out, now other shops send their press-work to the parts store and they shuttle it to us. =)

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  • Tires & Alignment

    State of the art Bluetooth Computerized Alignment System

    Finn Moto has invested in one of the finest computerized alignment systems. Based on a wireless bluetooth technology the camera measurement system transmits precise measurements of your suspension angles back to the computer where the technician receives live updates about the adjustments he is making.

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  • Timing Belts

    Synchronized Swimming is harder than you think…

    Timing Belts are a crucial part of your engine. The Timing Belt system consists of a toothed belt that keeps the engine valves (camshafts) and pistons (crankshaft) dancing in synchronous harmony. Without this, internal parts collide and engine damage can result.

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  • Engines

    Who’s that knocking???

    Clean and dedicated space is required for reliable engine overhaul. So we added a new space in the building and outfitted it with  special fixtures, tools, and measuring devices. These go along with our expertise establish FinnPro Engines & Transmissions, our in-house Pro-Shop.

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  • Transmissions

    No slip-ups. Guaranteed!

    FinnPro Engines & Transmissions is the name of our in-house pro shop. A dedicated clean space equipped with all of the special fixtures, pullers, adapters and doo-dads required to expertly bring life back to your transmission. Plan to tow a trailer or boat? Want a firmer shift? We can do that.

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  • Reprogramming

    Critical Updates are ready for your computer(s)

    More and more repairs include a reprogramming component to be done right and complete. Some vehicles built after 2005 actually have 40+ on-board computer modules controlling anything from the sunroof to the windshield wipers. If you think that YOUR vehicle is far to basic to include these complex technologies, consider this: Chevy Trailblazer window switches for model years 2004 forward include a programmable module that comes to the installer without software. In some cases without this basic software loaded, the other modules will disable themselves and the car WON’T START.

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  • Welding

    Get me the biggest and baddest water-cooled machine you can find. I want to be able to melt 1/2-inch aluminum and blow holes through 3/4-inch steel

    At first I though Chris Bond was joking…

    When we started prototyping custom snorkel kits for military Humvees and fire hose turrets for off-road fire trucks we knew we had to be able to move fast and efficient.

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  • Machining

    If the other guys can’t take it right out of the box and bolt it on, they can’t do it.

    Parts can warp and need to be resurfaced. Parts become obsolete and unavailable so sometimes you have to make one, or make one work. Special tools may be required but aren’t available. These are just some of the common scenarios in which the ability to fashion a tool or bracket using metal stock and a lathe, mill, punch, shear, or press is extremely valuable. It will mean the difference between the fingers-crossed bandaid-status rigging that you get elsewhere versus the lasting professional grade solution at Finn Moto.

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  • Fab/Custom