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Oil Changes
Finn has a menu of oil change options including premium oils, upgraded filters, and top shelf additives. As so many other shops skimp on their bulk oil, we use a synthetic blend 5W-30/5W-20 in our base menu oil change. Prefer longer intervals between oil changes? Upgrade your filter, request a premium oil, and include an additive.

High Mileage
We have the Max-Life Valvoline series for those of us who want to do a bit more for our vehicles as they get into the high-mileage category of 100K miles or more.

For our performance users, turbo and supercharged clientele we recommend and offer Mobil-1 full synthetic motor oil. Synthetic oils resist breakdown and degradation in those hot-spot internal nooks and crannies.

Complimentary comprehensive inspections included
At Finn, we check all underhood fluid levels with every oil change. Additionally, we check differentials and transfer cases for fluid level and condition, free upon request. We check and record tire inflation and antifreeze protection. We load-test your battery and visually inspect the following:

  • Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter (for signs of rust or over-extended interval)
  • Fluid conditions (looking for dark, burnt, contaminated, over acidic, etc)
  • Belt condition
  • Hose condition
  • Signs of leakage
  • Headlights, Stoplamps and Signals
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Wheel/Suspension tightness
  • Tire Condition and Abnormal Wear
  • Exhaust condition (signs of rust and overall integrity)
  • Shocks and Struts (for signs of leakage, tightness, and overall dampening-ability)