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A firefighting term used to classify a pump that mixes compressed air, water, and a foaming additive (more or less soap) into whipped cream consistencies and then rocket them as far as possible coating surfaces up to a couple hundred feet away with a shaving cream like consistency. Just as a gob of shaving cream sticks and hangs on the bathroom mirror for hours, the finished foam holds on to surfaces while it slowly drains the water it is composed of on to the surface over an extended period of time.

Small militarized versions of these systems were in widespread use in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan to put out military vehicle fires after they would get hit with an IED. While the militarized version costs upwards of five thousand dollars, we put together the identical inside components (with some design improvements) for a few hundred dollars and then use the systems with mild environmentally friendly chemicals to clean the shop floors, gunky parts, and vehicle undercarriages. I’m always impressed at how powerful 100psi expanding compressed air rockets the air-water mixture up to 50 feet out of our special nozzle. The floors have never been cleaner and we use chemicals you could safely drink!

Want the plans to cheaply and easily build your own version to use for anything from parts cleaning to combat firefighting? Let me know.

  1. August 10, 2012


    I am very interested. You buy it already assembled?
    If you where? Thank you!

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