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Broomfield Master Mechanic Blog
Broomfield Master Mechanic Blog

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Our Philosophy
You've been there... You dropped off your car to have that weird banging-shimmy-burnt something smell corrected on your vehicle. The steps taken to fix the problem may be familiar to you or they may be as foreign as a demonic exorcism. Either way you are stuck waiting for the prognosis and estimate. You wait for news that has an immediate impact on your finances and ultimately the safety of you and your passengers. These car troubles have brought unwelcome disruption to your life and having 'trust issues' with your mechanic or repair shop only adds unnecessary stress to the equation.

Our responsible approach to customer communication eliminates the unnecessary stress that can often accompany dealing with the average shop.

We always take the time to explain the problem in terms that you can understand

Have you ever had an annoying conversation with a service writer/manager who simply states what you need and leaves it at that? Often, without speaking directly to the mechanic you get stuck with an individual who lacks the expertise or first-hand understanding necessary to describe the intimate details of your problem. Instead you get stuck on the phone with the shop's 'friendly personality guy' (aka best salesman) who's job it is to regurgitate whatever notes he can read from the mechanics poorly legible notation. How bad is it? How long can the component continue? What sort of conditions could have lead up to this?

We explore parts grade options rather than just pushing the component with the highest mark-up

Mechanics, service managers and shop owners all have their favorite parts brand. Mechanics like the ones that last the longest and have the best track record for premature or warranty failures. Service managers may like the ones with the best incentives. Shop owners like the ones that provide the highest resale margins. We have our favorites too. The difference is that at Finn Mototech, the mechanic, service writer, and shop owners are all the same guy (just be careful calling him something other than mechanic!). We chose our 'pet' brands based on great quality and longevity. We support those products that we have personal experience with and have found to last the longest and rarely prove defective. But what if you plan to sell the vehicle in the next 12 months? Perhaps your finances are tighter now, when you really need the money, and later you could be in a better position to install a premium part.