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Finn Mototech sponsors several local soccer teams in youth and adult leagues
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Simple green choices that cost you less!
Finn Mototech's owners, Chris Bond and Robert Mayer spent years as engineers assisting in the research and development of the simplest chemical decontaminants with the least environmental impact. Their work in the field of electrochemistry helped them to realize the powerful cleaning properties that can be released from something as simple as salt water. Working closely with the product developing companies, we utilize this understanding along with environmentally friendly ingredients from the US-EPA's Designed for Environment (DfE) list to bring about the ability to generate small quantities of cleaning solutions, degreasers, and parts washing solutions on site for a mere fraction of the cost of available alternatives.
"The Geek Wrench"
Chris Bond
As other green solutions are becoming available to automotive repair facilities they are unfortunately accompanied by higher consumable costs and up-front investment that will eventually find their way on to your repair bill. At Finn, we ARE the first and ONLY automotive facility in the Rocky Mountain region to utilize this technology and do so in a manner that cuts the cost of these auto shop chemicals by more than 90%!

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