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Broomfield Master Mechanic Blog

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Finn Mototech LLC is owned and operated by master mechanics!
When automotive technicians, turned engineers complete the career full circle that brings them back to the automotive industry they bring with them invention and innovation. Owners Chris Bond and Rob Mayer both spent years in the automotive industry as technicians yearning for additional creative outlet. This hunger for technology and invention brought them together at Intelagard, a firefighting equipment manufacturer where they spent years developing pump sprayers sized both as small as the palm of your hand and as large as can fit on a tractor-trailer. While the pride and gratification of successful product development had its rewards, Chris and Rob both missed the customer relationships they enjoyed every day as automotive technicians. Today modern standards for fuel efficiency and a global demand for cleaner energies has made the underhood compartment of a modern vehicle one of the most technologically advanced areas to work in. Returning to this industry was a simple decision.
Rob (left) is an ASE Certified Master Technician and L1-Advanced Engine Performance Specialist. He hopes to complete his testing soon to acquire the Light-Vehicle Diesel endorsement as well. Rob has over 16 years of experience as an automotive technician, 3 years as a previous gantry carwash repair business owner, and 6 years as an engineer.

Chris (right) is an ASE Certified Technician with specialized training in welding, machining, and metal fabrication. Chris hopes to complete his ASE testing to acquire the Master Technician designation soon. Chris has more than 9 years as an automotive technician, and 3 as a metal fabrication and machining specialist.

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