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The E85/Ethanol Debate
E85 is a fuel comprised of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline and additives. Even normal gasoline is comprised of 10% ethanol.

The Pros

  • A USDA report concluded that for every unit of energy put into Ethanol production, 1.67 units come back.
  • Ethanol creates fewer carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Ethanol provides a modest increase in horsepower.
  • Ethanol creates industry and jobs in rural areas and reduces dependency on foreign oil
  • Most cars can be retrofitted to run E85<

The Cons

  • Ethanol is corrosive. Not every vehicle is equipped with components that will stand up to ethanol over time.
  • E85 burning vehicles will see a 10-20 percent reduction in fuel economy.
  • E85 cannot be used in small engines such as those found in lawn mowers, marine motors and snowblowers.
  • E85 is not available at all gas stations
Contact FinnMoto for a E85 retrofit conversion estimate!