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Broomfield Master Mechanic Blog
Broomfield Master Mechanic Blog

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Comprehensive Vehicle Maintenance
"Convenient, affordable"

Oil Changes
Finn has a menu of oil change options. As so many other shops skimp on their bulk oil, we use a Valvoline 5W-30 in our base menu oil change.

Broomfield's only Green Oil Change
From there, we stock various other Valvoline products such as the "green-option" NexGen for those of us who insist on remaining eco-conscientious.

High Mileage
We have the Max-Life Valvoline series for those of us who want to do a bit more for our vehicles as they get into the high-mileage category of 100K or more.

For our performance users, turbo and supercharged clientele we stock and offer Mobil-1 full synthetic motor oil

Complimentary comprehensive inspections included
At Finn, we check all underhood fluid levels with every oil change. Additionally, we check differentials and transfer cases for fluid level and condition. We check and record tire inflation and antifreeze protection. We load-test your battery and visually inspect the following:
  • Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter (for signs of rust or over-extended interval)
  • Fluid conditions (looking for dark, burnt, contaminated, over acidic, etc)
  • Belt condition
  • Hose condition
  • Signs of leakage
  • Headlights and Stoplamps and Signals
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Wheel/Suspension tightness
  • Tire Condition and Abnormal Wear
  • Exhaust condition (signs of rust and overall integrity)
  • Shocks and Struts (for signs of leakage, tightness, and overall dampening-ability)
Gas Mileage
"Conserve and Save"

    Spark Plugs
  • If you've been following the OEM recommended service schedule, ask us to help you compare your records to the schedule to make sure you're on track.
  • Have your spark plugs visually inspected annually
  • Our techs can quickly check your engine computer to see if one of your spark plugs has been occasionally missing its mark

  • Filters, Filters, Filters
  • Plugged or restricting fuel filters cause the pump to waste power and send your mixture out of whack
  • Dirty air filters rob small amounts of engine power every second its running!
  • Evaporative Emissions Filter. As you use fuel from your tank, the void is filled with evaporated gas. As a federally required system, the EVAP System prevents gross pollutants from entering our atmosphere. Those are your pollutant-pennies floating off into everyone's sky.

  • Tires, that other pesky petroleum product!
  • INFLATION: We all drive past shreds and remnants of these expensive buggers on the side of the road every day, a faint sign of some other schmo's misfortune. These aren't just the safety-soles of your ride, they can also be the fuel wasting, wallet robbing nuisance that goes by unnoticed. Keep an air gauge in the glove box. Stop by ANY TIME and you'll earn a spot on our good-egg list for asking us to check fluids and pressures. We'll be here waiting with a smile.
  • Alignment: Remember how you used to brake in the good ole soap box derby? Whether equipped with brakes or not I always seemed to end up dragging my feet. Well, if your car is out of alignment, its like driving down the road with some heavy feet dragging the entire way. Not only will this wear out the "shoes", ruining your tires, its also a sure way to waste cash. Have your alignment checked annually or immediately if you have an unfortunate run-in with a curb or man-eating pot hole.
"Starts but runs funny?"

Diagnostics help to locate a variety of common problems in your car that can cause poor drive-ability, hesitation, poor performance, and misfires. The mechanics at Finn Mototech use our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to quickly and effectively fix these problems to get your car back on the road where it belongs
"No squeals about safety!"
Receive the finest bumper-to-bumper service using top-quality products at the most competitive prices from Finn Mototech. Your car will benefit from our all-inclusive brake services, including maintenance and repair for brake hydraulics, anti-lock brake systems, traction control, discs, and drum brake systems
Suspension and Alignment
"State-of-the-art Bluetooth computerized alignment system!"

Finn Moto has invested in one of the finest computerized alignment systems. Based on a wireless bluetooth technology the camera measurement system transmits precise measurements of your suspension angles back to the computer where the technician receives live updates about the adjustments he is making.
Engine Overhaul & Repair
"Who's that knocking?"

Engine overhauls and repairs are available at our auto repair shop. We perform services for head gaskets in addition to engine replacements and minor repair
Transmission Overhaul & Repair
"We don't slip!"

Transmissions can be one of the hardest and most expensive parts to replace on your car. Luckily, the Finn Mototech team is ready to take on the challenge. We'll perform a complete diagnosis on your transmission and replace anything that needs replacing, including the clutch, bearings, and four-wheel drive systems
Timing Belt Service
"Get it done right!"

Timing belts are a crucial part of modern engines. The timing belt system consists of a toothed belt that keeps the engines valves (camshafts) and pistons (crankshaft) dancing in synchronous harmony as well as various pulleys that guide its travel.

Following the advent of timing belt engine design came an era of emphasized performance, economy, and efficiency. We now make engines that are stronger, lighter, and that consume less fuel. One trade-off for the consumer is that on many new engines the paths that the pistons and valves travel overlap and share space. If they dance perfectly thanks to the synchronization of the timing belt we sail on our way. However if we ask for too many miles or too many years from our timing belts they can fail and when piston meets valve catastrophic engine damage occurs.

Our friend, the timing belt, has neighbors with similar lifespans. Sometimes these neighbors can be of the idler pulley, tensioner pulley, cam-seal, or water pump type. When you hire a qualified technician to open up your engine and renew your timing belt, it is also an opportunity to renew its neighbors at little or no added labor cost. At Finn, we commonly offer you 'levels' of timing belt service that offer you options that balance this opportunity with your pocketbook.
Vehicle Module/Computer Reprogramming
"More and more fixes are coming in the form of mere software updates!"

Some of the many computers found in modern vehicles are:
  • PCM: Powertrain Control module
  • ECM/ECU: Engine/Electronic Control Module/Unit
  • VCM: Vehicle Control Module
  • BCM: Body Control Module
  • TCM: Transmission Control Module
  • TCCM: Transfer Case Control Module
  • FICM: Fuel Injection Control Module
  • DDM: Driver's Door Module
  • SKIM: Sentry Key Immobilizer Module
  • CIM: Chassis Integration Module
  • IVM: Integrated Power Supply Module
  • LCM: Lamp Check Module
  • WIM: Wiper Control Module
But the list can go on, and on, and on. Some vehicles built after 2005 actually have 40+ on-board computer modules controlling anything from the sunroof to the windshield wipers. If you think that YOUR vehicle is far to basic to include these complex technologies, consider this: Chevy Trailblazer window switches for model years 2004 forward include a programmable module that comes to the installer without software. Software must be loaded to it following installation. In some cases without basic software loaded to an ancillary function controlling module, such as a door window controller the other modules will disable themselves and the car WON'T START.

On modern vehicles, it is becoming more and more common that the best tuneup you can perform for your ride is the same thing that keeps your windows PC from crashing, a software update.
Interior fabric, upholstery, and carpet cleaning and disinfection
"Sour milk, stale cigarettes, sick kids..."
Did you happen to catch the part on our website about how Finn's owners Chris B and Rob M spent several years developing new frontier electro-chemical machinery and equipment?

One of the many benefits that our business diversity can bring to you is exclusively available at Finn Moto and Finn only! A less toxic than toothpaste, designed for the environment, laboratory proven, and epa registered disinfectant can be inexpensively used to treat all seat, headliner, carpet and HVAC interior surface to eliminate any funky odors or bacterial growth that may have accumulated from your use or inherited from the previous owner.

A multiple step process is utilized to blast away tough stains, destroy bacteria, and renew the luster of you ride's interior. As a finishing step the vehicle cabin is fogged and recirculated to disinfect remaining hidden or inaccessible surfaces with no residue left behind!
MIG, TIG, ARC, Plasma Cutting...
"Millermatic 350P Pulsed MIG technology, Aluminum Spool Gun, etc"
Finn Moto has the equipment and special training to offer welding that far surpasses the average shop.

Finn Moto is equipped to weld up to 5/8 inch thick steel and stainless steel.

One of our specialties, aluminum fenders and body panels, oil and transmission pans, housings and castings are often subcontracted to us by local shops.
Basic Machining Services to Adjust and Prototype Parts & Components
"Bridgeports, 14 X 40 Engine Lathe, etc"

Finn Moto has the equipment and special training to offer basic machining services..

Design, Fabricate, Prototype
"Custom ENGINEERED solutions to problems that leave others head-scratching"
Due to diverse business, FinnMoto has the design capability to engineer custom solutions for unique problems and needs.

Finn Mototech utilizes its licensed Solidworks Premium Professional software to rapidly move from virtual environment tested concept to functional prototype.

Electronic experience allows us to take the diagnostics below the surface of the computer shell and into the module. Altium Designer Suite allows us to conceptualize and prepare manufacture of custom printed circuit electronics assemblies.

Take a look around our shop and you'll see our time and money saving efficient designs put into use daily. Take a look around other shops and you might find our designed products as well!

"Educating the consumer about the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance, and repair"
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