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Finn Mototech participated on the design team for the automation of the process that produces eLiminate
A revolutionary disinfection product that is virtually non-toxic (cat-IV), completely biodegradable, designed for environment, and has achieved efficacy results that blow traditional disinfectants away!

Ever wonder what the best way is to remedy that sour milk, inherited cigarette smoke, or dead critter smell in your vehicle?

With the design advent of the Cabin Filter, vehicle environments inside the cab have taken new focus.Filters and ducts are being designed with materials that have inherent germicidal properties or coatings. But between the kids, the dog, and the occasional splash of coffee and cream, germs are still moving in and growing strong.

Do your allergies flare up while stuck in your ride with the windows up and recirculate on?

Is there a musty smell coming from your air vents that could be caused by toxic mold-spores or fungus?

A multi-step process will be utilized to thoroughly clean and disinfect your vehicles carpets, upholstery, headliner, and HVAC plenums.

Contact Finn today to schedule your complete interior detoxification and be amazed at the renewed quality of interior fabrics, fresh scentless air from your HVAC, and a completely sterile environment for your family's commute.