Did I get your attention? Well I hope I don’t disappoint you but there are no Gregorin-esque Lord of the Ring themes or monty python references in this post…

Oh, and did I also mention Ghost Busters???

“Are you the keymaster”, get it?… Nevermind.

What am I going to blab about? Keys. Plain and simple keys… Well, not that simple.

I love all of the bells and whistles in my new car keys. I can open the tail gate, lock, unlock, and even wake the neighbors with this special feature so aptly labeled ‘panic’. We wound out, several times, why they named it panic when our toddlers commandeered our keys and pushed the pretty red button made exclusively for their fingers. First you hear the horn sounding off over and over with the first though being “what jerk is making that kind of racket this early in the morning” when suddenly you realize, Its mine! Subsequent scramble and mild PANIC and , yep, the kids got them.

However, when kid slobber shorts out the buttons, the dog picks the wrong chew toy, or heaven forbid you lose your keys, the steps for replacement might surprise you. Car keys these days have identification mechanisms in them that make the special knobs and notches in your metal key pretty much useless. Most keys these days are chipped and communicate with an electronic reader mounted behind the plastic close to where you put the key in. Just as we wouldn’t want our keys in the hands of an untrustworthy individual who could duplicate a basic key, we also don’t want him to have access to the encrypted key codes that the vehicle computer is programmed to accept. Of course with any new technology advancement comes a committee for the system of committees that ultimately is responsible for the limited access and protection of your system. Did you get that? Well, I am talking about The manufacturers who upload your key codes to the Secure Data Release Model Registry which is administered by the National Automotive Service Task Force who vets individuals that gain registered access to these codes from the manufacturers proprietary data interface. There, isn’t that simple? No? Well, we seem to have cracked the code, paid off all of the fees to all of the agencies and can readily fill out the forms to replace the key that your dog chewed up so you can start your car once again.

We have the computers to program-in new keys, the locksmith certification and registration (i.e. permission), and access to replacement parts for your ride. Of course there are more hidden complications to the process, but leave them up to us. If you’re down to only one key and no spare, make an appointment to have a replacement coded TODAY!

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